Dear Rotarians / Friends,
I wrote my first note here as a President in July 2019; see how days ran very fast in that i am  I am now saying bye .
Presidency has been the best voluntary service in my life. I have been  a Student, Teacher,  Parent, Finance Officer, Beggar, Entertainer name it.  However in all this,  I am happy that I have  re-branded my skills and character.  I have  connected locally  and world wide but above I am confident that I have received God's blessings for serving humanity.
The year has been short, I still wanted more days and weeks of service and connection but we all know Rotary works on succession plan.  I therefore gladly introduce to you the incoming President Rtn Margaret Magumba.  Kindy love and support her the way you have always done.
 I sincerely thank you all  my friends for  the love, support and guidance. This has been a journey of  immeasurable happiness. Some have called or sent in messages to check on me and see how I was fairing with the Presidency while others offered resources to the projects.
Thank you so much/Mwebale nyo/Asante Sana/Afwoyo Matek/Merci Beaucoup
Florence K Tamale
Connecting President 2019-2020